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Sex Story

Sex storie is the interdisciplinary study of human sexuality, and its development, function and conduct. It employs resources from different academic fields, such as biology, medication, psychology, criminology, and sociology.

Typically performed by a man and female, sex storie is a shut experience amongst two residing organisms in which the genitals of every single partner are exposed. It is a type of pleasure that can be accomplished for a amount of reasons it could be to make out, to really feel the warm and stimulating sensations of each and every other’s genitals, or basically to loosen up the body and mind.

The most widespread type of sex storie entails the use of sex toys and หี
penises to penetrate the two anus and vagina, which is typically referred to as double anal or double stuffing (DVP). Scenes of simultaneous penetration of anus by each penises are also popular.

In sex storie, it is typically a guy who is the dominant companion and will pin his spouse to a bed, to give him a lot more control throughout intercourse. It is also a kind of sexual harassment, as it entails the sexual penetration of 1 individual by a lot of other people and may possibly be erotic or comical. It is also usually employed as a kind of sexual punishment, and can be done for each sexes.